Here is a list of GitBooks that I have either written or helped write:

Name Description
DevelopKit Developing software in LHCb’s Run 3
Modern CMake Using CMake for your own project
GitBook Plugin - Term A powerful terminal formatting plugin (used in other GitBooks)
CLI11 Tutorial Command line parsing made beautiful
UC ROOT Tutorial Basic ROOT for HEP, conversion from old material.
GooFit 2Torial Using GooFit, writing GooFit.

Tutorials and workshops

Name Description
CompClass Computational Science in Python course given at the University of Cincinnati, Fall 2018.
Modern CMake workshop Workshop on CMake for ATLAS students at LBNL.
Python CPU minicourse Minicourse for high-performance CPU programming.
Python GPU minicourse Minicourse for GPU programming.
Pandas demo Demo of Pandas.


These are websites I have either created or worked on.

Name About
IRIS-HEP Institute for sustainable software site, written in Jeykyll. I’ve worked on several parts, including Ruby plugins.
Scikit-HEP Org for Python in HEP, written in Jeykyll.
ISciNumPy My blog over programming, written in Hugo.
UC Henry My UC centric blog and site, written in Hugo.
SSE ML LHCb Written in Hugo.
GooFit Written in Jekyll.
MayaMuon Written in Nikola.
PHY102M Pure HTML.
Angelo State HSA My site has been replaced, but the logo is still my design.
Angelo State Society of Physics Students No longer up (drupal, I believe)