My Software

My projects

These are projects I work on directly:

Name Description
CLI11 A powerful but easy to use C++11 command line interface parser.
GooFit An OpenMP/CUDA powered fitting library.
Plumbum A shell tools library for Python, with color, ssh, paths, cli, and more.
GitBook term A plugin to add nice terminals to GitBook.
CLIUtils/cmake A collection of tools for CMake in science.
Envmodule setup Examples for setting up systems with LMod.
HomeBrew libomp A way to add OpenMP to macOS default compiler.


These are projects I contribute to, at least occasionally:

Name Description
Hydra A templated framework for HEP OpenMP/CUDA execution.
IPython An interactive shell for Python.
CMake An amazing build system (if you use a modern version of it).
Eigen A matrix library for C++ that supports CUDA.
SciKit-HEP A collection of HEP libraries for Python.
pybind11 An amazing C++11 Python binding tool.
VexCL Computations on many backends.
LMod A tool to make environments easy to use, for supercomputers and more.
RootPy Making ROOT easy to use in Python.

Interesting projects

These are some of my favorite software packages and libraries.

Name Description
Blender 3D modeler and a lot more.