My Software

My projects

Besides being an admin at Scikit-HEP, and active in conda-forge and homebrew, these are projects I work on directly:

Name Description
boost-histogram Histograms in Python based on Boost.Histogram for C++14.
CLI11 A powerful but easy to use C++11 command line interface parser.
Particle Particle descriptions in Python.
DecayLanguage Decay chains in Python.
Conda-Forge ROOT A project that did the impossible: make ROOT a conda package!
GooFit An OpenMP/CUDA powered fitting library.
Plumbum A shell tools library for Python, with color, ssh, paths, cli, and more.
GitBook term A plugin to add nice terminals to GitBook.
CLIUtils/cmake A collection of tools for CMake in science.
Envmodule setup Examples for setting up systems with LMod.
HomeBrew libomp A way to add OpenMP to macOS default compiler (now integrated into brew-core)


These are projects I contribute to, at least occasionally:

Name Description
Numba A JIT compiler for Python.
Hydra A templated framework for HEP OpenMP/CUDA execution.
IPython An interactive shell for Python.
CMake An amazing build system (if you use a modern version of it).
Eigen A matrix library for C++ that supports CUDA.
pybind11 An amazing C++11 Python binding tool.
VexCL Computations on many backends.
LMod A tool to make environments easy to use, for supercomputers and more.

Interesting projects

These are some of my favorite software packages and libraries.

Name Description
Blender 3D modeler and a lot more.