Setup Windows
🎡 cibuildwheel 2.10
Python 3.10
Python 3.11
Python 3.7
Poetry Versions
Should You Use Upper Bound Version Constraints?
App vs Library
Scikit Build Proposal
🎡 cibuildwheel 2.2
🎡 cibuildwheel 2.0
Announcing CLI11 2.0
Python 3.9
Setup an Apple Silicon Mac
🎡 cibuildwheel 1.8.0 and 1.9.0
Overview of cibuildwheel 🎡
pybind11 2.6.0
Making of SciPy 2020's High Performance Histograms as Objects
Johns Hopkins COVID-19 Dataset in Pandas
The boost-histogram beta release
Python 3.8
Setup a New Mac
Azure DevOps: Python Wheels
Azure DevOps: Releases
Azure DevOps: Introduction
ROOT on Conda Forge
Linux and macOS packages for Python 2.7, 3.6, 3.7, and 3.8
ROOT Install Options
New Conda Forge package of ROOT for Unix and more options
Histogram Speeds in Python
Binding Minuit2
Tools to Bind to Python
Announcing CLI11 1.6
CMake 3.11
Announcing GooFit 2.1
Include What You Use
Comparing CLI11 and Boost PO
Announcing CLI11 1.3
Watching GitHub Releases
OpenMP on High Sierra
Announcing GooFit 2.0
Announcing CLI11 Version 1.0
Perfect forwarding for methods
Setting up SSH forwarding
Lua Environment Modules
Python 3 upgrade
GoogleTest and CMake
A simple introduction to asyncio
A little example of how asyncio works
Feynman Diagrams in Tikz
Including CRY cosmic ray generator in CMake
GTest Submodule
Slots in Python
Basics of metaclasses
Factory classmethods in Python
Making an autoload extension for IPython
Uncertainty extension for IPython
Plumbum color
University of Texas Doctoral Thesis Template
Plumbum scripting
Simple Overloading in Python